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  • I have had the pleasure and privilege of meeting, working with, and training Andrea Frausin as a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer. He is an exceptional learner and will be an exceptional trainer. Andrea is wise, insightful and very easy to work with. His sensitivity and intelligence ensure that anyone fortunate enough to work with him will emerge both successful and enriched in the intricacies of guerrilla marketing.

    I cannot recommend him highly enough because he exceeded all our expectations and hopes during his training and will do the same for any client or student that he serves. If anyone deserves certification as a master guerrilla, it is him.

    Jay Conrad Levinson
    The Father of Guerrilla Marketing

  • Andrea Frausin is a highly qualified Trainer, certified by the ITANLP. He is known personally to me both as a student, a colleague and a friend. Andrea is a wonderful combination of a person absolutely and determinedly committed to learning and to improving his formidable competencies and at the same time, carries an excellent sense of humor and the ability to perceive the more amusing and absurd side of the excellent work he does as a trainer and as a practitioner of NLP, both classic and New Code.

    Andrea is also remarkable among other well-trained and committed practitioners of NLP in that he consistently applies the patterning that he is qualified to use not only in the case of training and application to organizations and companies but he also has an impeccable commitment to apply these patterns to himself. As you may know, I regard consistent successful self-application as one of the marks of mastery of an NLP pattern. Andrea represents this growing tradition very well.

    I recommend his work without reservation!

    John Grinder
    Co-creator of NLP (Classic and New Code)
  • It is a privilege for me to talk to you about Andrea Frausin. Andrea is a trainer here in Italy and is one of the few people who I have deep regard for and respect for.

    He does a great job of training, he is very careful about producing quality for the people that he has in his training groups. I’ve see him in train, he has come to my training programs and does a really excellent job. Even when people are in different language, he still is able to use his communication to create positive results.

    If you get a chance to work with Andrea, I suggest to take it. You not cannot find better[…]

    Terrific man, good ethics, good values, it’s a treat to be in a room with, you’ll find out: he is likable, he is wonderful and he is incredibly careful about the quality of the materials he teaches and how well people learn from him. Can’t be better than that!

    Why you are not already in his groups I don’t know but go there, you’ll learn, you’ll love it

    Frank Pucelik
    Co-creator of NLP