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My name is Andrea Frausin and I work mainly as a trainer, a coach and a consultant to empower performance, productivity and quality of life both for individuals and in organizational contexts.

After my degree in Economics (1996) I worked for five years in the financial sector. During these years I became very soon an Area Manager for an important independent financial consulting company and I was trained by one of the leading experts in Italy in the field of financial consulting, financial planning and applied communication: Gianfranco Cassol. I recruited, coordinated, coached and trained a team of consultants.

Meanwhile, I began to learn and practice Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and, following my passion, I started my own business as a freelance trainer and coach.

During the early 2000s my first activity was training and coaching while I was deepening my knowledge of NLP and familiarizing myself with its practical applications. In 2002 I became an NLP Trainer (Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP, London 2002) and in the following years I was an assistant in institutional Society of NLP seminars in London mainly with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna as Trainers (Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainers Training).

Andrea Frausin and Richard Bandler, NLP co-founder

In February, 2003 I founded Anima s.r.l. (now Talenti s.r.l.), a coaching, training and consulting company and I was CEO at Anima – Talenti until July 2011.

In 2005 I became a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming under Dr. John Grinder, thus becoming one of the few trainer worldwide certified by two of the three NLP co-founders and up-to-date with the latest developments. In 2006 I got the certifications as New Code NLP Trainer (John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair, 2006) accredited to train people in New Code NLP, the evolution of NLP as mainly developed by John Grinder (initially with Judith DeLozier and then with Carmen Bostic St. Clair), and as an International NLP Coach (Grinder and Bostic St. Clair, 2007). I assisted John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair during several of their European seminars (including NLP Trainers Training, New Code NLP seminars, NLP Coaching seminars, applied NLP seminars) and I had been their co-trainer during their Italian seminars (NLP and families, Trieste 2008; International NLP Coaching Certification, 1st edition, Milan 2009; International NLP Coaching Certification, 2nd edition,  Milan 2011; International NLP Coaching Certification, 3rd edition,  Bologna 2014).

Since 2006 I am a Registered Hypnotherapist within the General Hypnotherapy Register UK (Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice since 2008).

In 2010, after years of studying and practicing in my own company, I became one of the few Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainers certified by Jay Conrad Levinson, founder of Guerrilla Marketing.

Jay Conrad Levinson, father of Guerrilla Marketing, and Andrea Frausin

Driven by my deep curiosity about human potential and human performance, both individual and inside organizational contexts, I attended several seminars (you can see a selection of the seminars here), including long trainings in “mind-body” connections.

Mia Segal, Dr. Feldenkrais 1st assistant and collaborator, and Andrea Frausin


Tim Clark, Business Model Generation co-creator & Business Model You author, and Andrea Frausin


Somato-Emotional Release with Diego Maggio, Bsc. (Hons) D.O., CST-D, international trainer of dr. Upledger Cranio-Sacral Therapy


Andrea Frausin and Robert Rasmussen, main architect Lego® Serious Play® method

In 2015 I got my second Master’s Degree, this time in Psychology.

In the same year I knew, thanks to John Grinder, Frank Pucelik, the third NLP co-founder, I attended different seminars with him and very soon we started cooperating. I invited him to Italy in 2015 and we co-trainer in the seminar “Inside Excellence: Models of Human Motivation and NLP” (Bologna).

Frank Pucelik, NLP co-founder, and Andrea Frausin

In 2016 I have been certified as an NLP Trainer also by Frank Pucelik, being the one NLP Trainer in the world certified by all the three co-creators (Bandler 2002, Grinder 2005, Pucelik 2016).

In 2016-2017 Frank and me have co-trained in the seminar Elite NLP Business Coaching, Practitioner and Master Practitioner, this time in Milan, and in 2017 we will be again together in Milan as co-trainers in the Original NLP International Trainers Training, offering one of the best Trainers Training solution in the world both for people interested in increasing their performance in communication with groups and for people who want to become highly effective certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainers.

In May 2017 I have been certified by Frank Pucelik and Meta International also as Business Trainer and a Trainer of Personal Development Programs.

In August 2017, after 20 years in the field of NLP, I had the pleasure and honor to be certified as NLP Master Trainer, by Frank Pucelik and Meta International, in the first group of Master Trainers ever certified by the 1st NLP organization in the world.

Andrea Frausin certified NLP Master Trainer by Frank Pucelik, NLP co-founder

From July 2011 I am the founder and CEO of Talenti Group srl, a coaching, training and consulting company, and I work in different areas: training, marketing and communication, business development, consultant recruitment and coordination, writing books and articles, business and personal coaching.

I have written 5 books about NLP, professional communication and innovative time management; one of this books is Guerrilla Time, more time in your life, more life in your time, which is published within the Guerrilla series of books by legendary marketing guru Jay Conrad Levinson, series of books who sold more than 23 million of copies worldwide.

In recent years I have trained and coached thousands of people (managers, entrepreneurs, professionals, employees…) designing and delivering seminars for professional, personal and organizational empowerment. I have taught and coached on different topics, among which there are the following: time management, life skills, organizational management, leadership development, change management, decision making, problem solving, public speaking, team working, team building, communication, marketing, negotiation, conflict resolution, coaching, applied Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I perform my services in various countries in English or in Italian.


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